Components of Electronic Sigaretten

The e-sigaretten is formed by seven main components.

1-    Spout: It is the component on which the user puts his lips to inhale the smoke. Between the nozzles and inside, there is a cylindrical duct which allows air to flow inside the device.

2-    Cartridge:
It is the component which replaces the normal cigarette filter where it serves to retain part of the mixture ignition of the paper and tobacco (tar), in order to "filter" the component of the most harmful smoke inhaled. In the e-sigaretten, it has a very different purpose where this component is in fact called "cartridge" because it is a small tank which contains a particular liquid, obtained by three chemical elements:

  • Propylene Glycols: It is a chemical compound that when combined with other substances (lipids, fats or oils) and is heated, or when its temperature is increased, is capable of passing from the liquid state to the gaseous state. The glycol is also used in medicine or food, and for a variety of purposes.
  • Glycerol: It is the lipid compound which allows the Propylene Glycol to pass from a liquid to a gas heating.
  • Nicotine: is present in liquid form, in low percentage, is the chemical element also present in the normal cigarette.The e-liquid can be already packaged, or may be packaged manually: the advantage of this dual function is that the user can decide the percentage of nicotine that wants to enter in the tank. The cartridge is recharged when the liquid inside is finished.

3-    Atomizer or Vaporizer: Right around the cartridge, in his direct contact, the vaporizer is a sector made up of a metallic conductor in the shape of the roll being suitably heated by the current circulating in the device. Its purpose is to, through its heating, provide favor to the cartridge which contains the e-liquid mixture and thereby increase the liquid temperature to allow for vaporization, from which we understand the name.

4-    Pressure Sensor: The pressure sensor is an electronic component fundamental for the e-sigaret. It is a transducer, that is, a component can transform the pressure waves into electrical current. It 'consists of a thin elastic membrane which deflects from its original position when it is crossed by a strong air pressure, and returns to its original position when the flow ends.

5-    Rechargeable Lithium Battery: The battery is used to power the internal circuitry of the device. The standard supply voltage is 3.7 Volt (the most common for small devices). Battery is also available in the market which allows not only a longer life but a greater heating of the liquid, so as to make the more concentrated smoke inhalation, and is more fulfilling. The battery can be recharged by power supply or even via USB to PC.

6-    LED: during inhalation, the internal circuitry turns the light on the back of the cigarette for two main purposes:

  • Obtaining a better simulation, and a remarkable psychological response.
  • Check operation: If the LED does not emit light, the device may be subject to a malfunction.

7-    Microprocessor: The electronics section is used to serve primarily the sensor and the LED light.

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