Operation of E-SIgaretten

Now we present the operating process of an e-sigaret. We see how this ingenious device can simulate the behavior. But before we repeat what happens in normal cigarette.

In normal cigarette, the natural principle of operation is as follows: at the time of inhalation, the air drawn from the other end towards the part of the "flame" serves as a fuel. It allows that the film of paper and the tobacco burn together and produce smoke which runs along the section of the cigarette, up to the mouth. The air is then the fuel which generates smoke.

In the e-sigaretten instead the principle is completely different.

When the user sucks from the spout, the air duct, isolated place between the nozzle and the pressure sensor, is traversed by a flow of air which moves in the direction of inhalation. It forms a pressure difference between the spout and the sensor. Due to this flow, the sensor membrane is deflected from its original position for the duration of inhalation (approximately 1-1.2 seconds).

This oscillation is "captured" by the sensor which is powered by the battery. It converts this pressure into a flow of electric current which is fairly intense. This current flows immediately through the coil of the vaporizer. When the metallic coil is traversed by high current for the time of inhalation, there is the phenomenon well known as Joule Effect: because of the passage of high current concentrated in the coil, the heat is produced. This phenomenon is widespread and used, even in our electric stoves or light bulbs.

The coil, which is placed in the vaporizer overheat and heats the whole sector and given its proximity to the tank containing the liquid, also heats the e-liquid. The e-liquid mixture is placed in the cartridge. When it is heated, with the increase in pressure, it passes from the liquid state to the gaseous state, and there is a release of smoke, which is nothing more than the vaporized form of liquid mixture of glycol, glycerol and Nicotine,. One of the best Coils are from the brand Aspire that can be bought here.

At the time of inhalation, the electric circuit also provide means to turn the LED light on the back for the duration of inhalation which corresponds to the deflection of the membrane.

We note one important thing: in normal cigarette, a combustion takes place between the tobacco and paper film that encloses it, thanks to the air drawn, the effects of combustion are particularly harmful. On the other hand, in the e-sigaretten, there is no combustion! This protects the health of the smoker and the strength of the system.